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Innovative Growth

Our strategy is to achieve long term returns by:
  • Owning a portfolio of world class companies which benefit from the major trends happening in the world around us.
  • Advising and operating our portfolio companies exceptionally well
  • Maintaining a disciplined approach to capital allocation and creating social value where we can.

Current Portfolio

Shines Digital is a results driven performance digital agency based in Sydney, Australia.

Our Clients love us as we are experts who lead. We Suggest new ideas, all the time, with clear, open recommendations that deliver results.

We have 20 clients and specialise in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Programmatic and Email marketing.

Shines has a minority shareholding in Vyro.

Vyro are on a mission to put electric vehicles in reach of every Australian.

Vyro is decreasing emissions by increasing electric vehicle sales and vehicle utilisation.

In doing so, Vyro will help to Achieve net-zero carbon emissions in the transport sector, Accelerate the shift to 100% renewable energy and Position Australia as climate-change pioneers on the global stage.

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Shines has a SAFE with Lessn.

Less paperwork, more profit. Lessn helps businesses eliminate paperwork and optimise B2B payments

We believe good products deliver mutual benefit for both buyer and seller, while taking every opportunity to benefit the planet.

We exist because of our customers. Whether we’re developing a new feature, or handling a support query — our customers come first.

Shines capital has a minority shareholding in surf getaways.

Surf Getaways are a surf travel company dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to reach their full potential through surfing.

We started from humble beginnings, but are growing rapidly

Created by one of Australia’s most accomplished and accredited female surf coaches, Serena Adams and Belinda Bradford an avid traveler, surfer, and experienced commercial marketer and entrepreneur.

Past Transactions

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Alongside a talented business partner, As 50% shareholder, Co-founder and former CEO, Scot built Switched on Media (now Switched on Agency) into Australia’s best digital performance agency over an 8 year period now turning over $15M annually.

Scot sold 37.5%  of switched on media in 2012, steering the company to continued growth, before resigning from the board and selling his remaining 12.5% shareholding in 2017.

Switched on Media Merged with AKQA in 2020.


Shines Capital provided ongoing growth strategy for Kiroro from 2016 to 2019. As corporate advisors to the resort, we created the companies partnership strategy.
We set up 34 strategic partnerships in the US, Australia and Europe, including a deal with 19 ski resorts in the powder alliance, increasing US visitation by 39% and 15 other deals with other ski resorts around the world.
Kiroro Ski Resort Revenue more than doubled during the period Shines Capital provided it’s advisory services.

Shines Capital delivered a ~100 page business audit to the Owners and the Exec team in Cyprus, with 37 core actions for review.

FP Markets combines state of the art technology with low cost true ECN pricing and a huge product offering to create a genuine destination for all types of traders. ASIC regulated in Australia, our outstanding 24/5 multilingual service has led to FP Markets being the home of the most satisfied clients 5 years running

Shines capital set up Remsafe International as a joint venture with Nordad pte in Singapore.

An office, warehouse, and staff were established in Singapore, to lead global sales.

An Amazon store in the US was also established.

After set up was complete, and sales growth had been established, Shines Capital then sold it’s 50% of Remsafe International in 2018 for an agreed amount.

“We engaged Shines Capital for a 3 month acceleration program and in that time Scot created an exclusive distribution deal for Snowvation in Japan, introducing a plethora of clients in the US and landing our first client in China. He also found and recruited our first VP of business development.

The Shines Capital process really helped us to accelerate and their 3 month acceleration program is excellent. Highly Recommended”

– Michael Stocker – CEO, Snowvation.

Shines Capital sold it’s 10% stake in Snowvation in 2016 for an undisclosed amount, the company is now called Only Sky. logo

Frank was a SAAS company, using AI to deliver growth for it’s clients using intelligent advertising. It’s a self serve tool, with a technical team in Europe and sales team in the US.

Shines Capital advised Frank in 2016 in relation to capital raising, strategy and global growth, helping the company to secure initial seed investment in the US. The company was later sold in Europe.

Shines Capital led the sale of coast security to new owners in May 2018.

An Information Memorandum was prepared, non-binding indicative offers were solicited from 9 parties, and due diligence was handled.

The vendor received an upfront cash payment, a lucrative ongoing profit sharing arrangement and an ongoing position as non-executive director.

Shines Capital delivered a pre launch research piece that helped crystallise the business strategy for transformd.

Transformd offers data pre population, cross device continuity and empowers businesses to take control and elevate their customer experience in record time.

Shines Capital delivered a 3 month acceleration program that led the Pago launch in the US, Hiring the first 5 staff, signing up the first 25 partnerships and creating the launch marketing. Shines Capital still owns 10% of SplitPay

The company is now called Splitpay and operates in the UK.

By providing a “try before you buy” and “split payment” option, Splitpay helps retailers increase their online conversion rates by 10% and their basket size by 30%.

Shines Capital is an advisor to the owners of Niseko Wow across M&A, growth strategy and operations.

Since engagement in April 2017 first year sales grew at +80%. Year 2 delivered similar results. We are still currently working with Niseko wow and have reshaped the business for continued growth to 2020.

What We Do


We offer independent, experienced and discreet counsel to companies on how to achieve better results faster.

We help you execute upon that advice.


We provide advice and assistance across all areas of business management at both a board and operational level.

We help you clean up the mess, and grow.


We identify the key areas of opportunity and solve them, efficiently.

Occasionally, we invest capital in your business. This further aligns our interests.


If we invest capital into your business we usually help you to sell that business so as to realise a return for our shareholding.

We deliver growth and results quickly.









A highly disciplined and analytical team, with a powerful network of contacts. We have deep commercial experience and proven success rates over a sustained time frame.  Our offices are on George St and in Manly,  Sydney, Australia.

Scot Headshot


Founder and CEO of Shines Capital

Scot is the founder of Shines Capital.

His prior client side marketing career was at P&G (1999 – 2003) and eBay (2004 and 2006), before co-founding Switched on Media (2007), which won multiple advertising awards before successfully selling to WPP (2012 to 2014).

Since 2015 Scot has founded and invested in several companies in both Australia and the US, most notably Shines Digital, widely regarded as one of Australia’s best performance digital agencies.

With 25 years of commercial experience, Scot is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and today spends increasing time on projects that create social value.












At Shines Capital, you have the opportunity to change the way companies, even entire industries, operate.


If you have a healthy disregard for the status quo, and a belief in getting things done with speed, then Shines Capital is for you.


Our entrepreneurial culture provides early, heightened responsibility. We accelerate your career. We generously recognize your contribution and believe in personal development.











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