Accelerating your growth


At Shines Capital, we start, grow, and sell businesses.

We identify opportunities quickly and deliver rapid growth in a short period of time.

We are that advisor, that board member, that consultant, that shareholder, that makes the difference you’ve needed all this time.

Think of us as growth accelerant.

How it works


We offer independent, experienced and discreet counsel to companies on how to achieve better results faster and we help you execute upon that advice.

We provide advice and assistance across all areas of business management at both a board and operational level.

We identify the key areas of opportunity and solve them, efficiently.

The way we engage is simple. We meet with you regularly. We deliver Results quickly. We charge a small monthly fee. Occasionally, we take a shareholding in your business.










About Us

A highly disciplined and analytical team, with a powerful network of contacts.

We have deep commercial experience, proven success rates over a sustained time frame and a way of working that gets things done with speed, at a low cost.

We have offices in Sydney, Australia and additional staff in Colorado, California and Singapore.

Alex Rich

Alex Rich


Alex was a Senior Consultant at Deloitte in the US for 6 years where he executed projects related to strategy development, financial forecasting and budgeting, operating model design, process improvement, and organizational change. Prior to joining Deloitte, Alex completed a 2 year global commercial rotational program at BP. Alex has a vested interest in a number of business in the US and leads the Shines Capital US team.

Scot Ennis

Scot Ennis

Founder and CEO of Shines Capital

Founder Scot Ennis brings an entrepreneurial leader’s passion for growth, a “get it done” attitude, and a zeal for solving complex problems. Scot started his career at Procter & Gamble in 1999, where he developed marketing and business acumen alongside the worlds best. After 5 years at P&G managing a portfolio of brands and skill sets, Scot joined eBay as senior marketing manager during an explosive growth phase, at the cutting edge of online marketing. After eBay Scot became Co-founder and CEO of Switched on Media, which Scot accelerated into Australia’s fastest growing digital performance agency over an 8 year period, winning multiple advertising awards, then selling to WPP in 2015, the worlds largest advertising agency group.

Damien Pang

Damien Pang


From a young age Damien had a love of entrepreneurship. At 25, he began his own car exporting company based out of Singapore. With $100k borrowed, in 4 years, his distribution network spanned over 20 countries with an annual turnover of more than SGD $60m. Since then, he has been involved in a number of different businesses - from agriculture and real estate, to hospitality and tourism. He gets excited about expanding innovative ideas to new markets. Damien has won a number of accolades in Asia - including ``TOP SME`` for 8 consecutive years, ``Fastest 50`` growing SMEs and ``Top Car Sourcing Company in Asia`` among others.










Current and recent engagements


Shines Capital has set up 30 strategic partnerships in the US, Europe, Australia for Kiroro, the largest of which the powder alliance, increasing US visitation by 39%.


In addition, Shines Capital overhauled the companies yield strategy, increasing the companies GOP by 68% each year for the last 2 years.


Kiroro Resort hired Shines Capital in 2016 and the engagement continues to grow

Shines Capital delivered a 3 month acceleration program in 2016 that led the Pago launch in the US, Hiring the first 5 staff, signing up the first 25 partnerships and creating the launch marketing.

By providing a “try before you buy” and “split payment” option, Pago helps retailers increase their online conversion rates by 10% and their basket size by 30%.

Switched on Media logo

As Co-founder and former CEO, Scot built Switched on Media (now Switched on Agency) into Australia’s best digital performance agency over an 8 year period now turning over $15M annually.

Scot sold switched on media in 2015.

“We engaged Shines Capital for a 3 month acceleration program and in that time Scot created an exclusive distribution deal for Snowvation in Japan, introducing a plethora of clients in the US and landing our first client in China. He also found and recruited our first VP of business development.

The Shines Capital process really helped us to accelerate and their 3 month acceleration program is excellent. Highly Recommended”

– Michael Stocker – CEO, Snowvation.

Established in 2017, Shines Digital is a new performance digital agency with staff in Colorado, serving clients in Japan.

Shines digital meets the growing demand for a performance agency staffed with consultants that actually have extensive client side, blue chip, business acumen.

Shines Capital is an advisor to the owners of Niseko Wow across growth strategy and marketing. Since engagement in April 2017 sales are on track to grow at +70% vs the previous year. logo

Frank is a SAAS company, using AI to deliver growth for it’s clients using intelligent advertising. It’s a self serve tool, with a technical team in Europe and sales team in the US.

Shines Capital is newly engaged to advise Frank in relation to capital raising, strategy and global growth and is currently considering a private investment to support the companies seed round.

“Scot helped us expand to the US.  His advice and leadership are first class. We formally engaged Scot on a special, 2 week project in early 2017 that helped us establish a footprint in the US with speed. We still meet with him weekly”

-Patrick Ballesty, Director


Game-changing Work

At Shines Capital, you have the opportunity to change the way companies, even entire industries, operate.

If you have a healthy disregard for the status quo, and a belief in getting things done with speed, then Shines Capital is for you.

Entrepreneurial culture and a belief in personal development

Our entrepreneurial culture provides early, heightened responsibility. We accelerate your career. We generously recognize your contribution.


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